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Michael Candelario

Behavioral Health

Michael Candelario is the oldest of five brothers. He has always displayed a natural capacity to guide and educate those around him. One of the numerous reasons for Michael’s success is that he strives for the good things in life, but not just for himself. He finds ways to inspire others around him. He motivates people to realize and achieve greatness, and he recognizes and rewards them when they do.

Michael views himself to be a constant student, always ready to learn new things and work on new projects. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Virginia Military Institute to study real estate development, finance, and business. Following graduation, Michael enrolled in the United States Marine Corps, where he served his country for five years. Michael was the Honor Graduate and the first of over 380 Marines in his class to graduate from Parris Island Boot Camp.

Michael Candelario has a long line of successful ventures in a variety of industries. Michael co-founded Whole ‘Nother Mother, an organic gummy manufacturer that produced multivitamins, sleep aids, immunity boosters, and prenatal vitamins. As the founder of Candelario Health, Michael Candelario is dedicated to helping individuals who have had or are experiencing issues that require mental health therapy. These include people affected by drug or alcohol misuse, trauma, or the daily pressures of life. Calendario Health has a professional team of certified specialists who evaluate each client’s treatment requirements, in addition to the family. A customized treatment plan is then assembled to heal from the inside out and live a life worth living. The center’s holistic approach combines mental, spiritual, and physical assistance to achieve its goals.

Apart from being a shrewd businessman, Michael Candelario is no stranger to the importance of self-care. Growing up along the East Coast, Michael had the opportunity to traverse the Appalachian Trail several times. This was the spark of his love of trekking through the outdoors. The majority of the trail is in the forest wildlands, and it crosses through 14 states. The views are awe-inspiring, and there is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing the journey. As an adult, camping, backpacking, and visiting national geographic regions with his family are among his favorite ways to spend valuable time outside to find a sense of calm. Michael passionately believes that simple pleasures like breathing pure air help humans unwind and de-stress. 

In addition to expanding his alcohol and drug treatment facilities, Michael’s long-term business goals include expanding his real estate firm to the East Coast. He also contributes to many publications about real estate investing and probate. He’s looking forward to seeing his kids enter the next phase of their schooling and is already mapping out international adventures with them for next summer. 

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